What is iPad SIM Cards?

The best place to find your iPad data plan or iPad on contract.

After purchasing an iPad and shopping around for iPad data plans, we were frustrated by how difficult it was to find and compare the best iPad plans offered in different countries. While it was easy to find comparison sites, few provided complete, unbiased iPad 4G LTE / 3G listings for comparison shopping.

We created iPad SIM Cards to be the best place on the web to compare iPad data plans. We hope you find this site to be useful tool to find your iPad data plan and save you money.

Our promise to you

We are fully impartial which means we never give preferential treatment to any data plan provider on the site. You can trust that we always maintain complete listings of iPad data plans for any single country to the best of our efforts and never recommend or omit plans based on commissions we receive.

Our Promise 

Supporting our site

If find our site useful we only ask that you try to support our efforts by clicking on the green "View" links provided to purchase your plan through the provider's site. Doing this will allow us to receive a small commission from some providers, but again, we never give preferential treatment to any providers over others.

Also note that we don't sell any SIM cards on this website. We simply provide all the essential information you need to purchase an iPad plan from the provider with confidence.

Using this site when traveling

As frequent travelers we know that the iPad is the best device for connecting on the road, but only if its easy to find iPad SIM cards. Because we maintain a listing of iPad data plans in many countries across the globe, we encourage you to use this site when traveling as a one stop shop for finding your iPad SIM card. We're constantly expanding the list of countries we offer plans for, so check back often.


Share your thoughts

We want to make this the best site to compare and find your iPad data plans. If you have ideas or feedback on how we can improve, send us an email us at feedback@ipadsimcards.com. We're always interested in hearing your feedback.